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CCTV Monitoring & Response

Hi everyone!!

This blog is mostly relevant if you own a CCTV system, plan to own a CCTV system or fed up with the rise of crime to our local areas. (FY1-8).

I've not posted anything for a while, many close to us know we have been installing electronic security systems for residential and commercial properties left right and centre...

Amongst everything we have been growing our team, forging partnerships and working tirelessly finding solutions to the never ending rise of crime to our sunny seaside town.

For around two years now, every morning I will wake up, head downstairs, make a brew, I like most people will flick onto Facebook and it's happened again. Another car, another house...

Someone's lively hood tampered with, vehicle rifled through, possessions stolen. I was a target in August, fortunately for me... one was apprehended by the Police and was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment. The CCTV footage I provided, went viral with viewers amazed by the quality (8MP 4K IP with some additional lighting).

One thing that sticks out the most for me after seeing this rise in crime is that most people are completely unaware that it's happened until hours after the fact. Most likely sleeping. When I was targeted, I was lucky, the Police were already en-route due to a nearby resident being awake and her ring camera being ripped off the wall who subsequently called the Police. Many others are not so lucky.

Here's my solution...

It is a proven fact, that a community CCTV system will indeed reduce crime. Similar schemes have been implemented across America and if done correctly can be a huge success. Its not just about evidence, it's about reaction and physical intervention by catching these criminals in the act right there in the moment, to have our own SIA approved intervention team who will liaise with the Police at all stages. It's not about taking over the job of the Police, we would never, ever have the resources or capabilities of the Police, it's about supporting & providing intelligence every step of the way.

The more evidence we can get on a subject by having access to multiple CCTV systems the chances are we can together reduce crime in our local areas for not only ourselves but our children. If we can stack the charges up against these criminals, the better chance the CPS has of applying a suitable conviction.

We have our very own monitoring centre in development, a central hub where we can connect CCTV cameras to one secure location controlled by SIA CCTV Licensed Operators. A place where we can watch over our clients property & receive alerts while you sleep.

Here is an extract of an email sent out to all our existing clients just two days ago...

We Monitor, We React, We Respond... 

FACT: Most crimes happen through the night, victims that own CCTV are usually unaware until the morning.

Hamisec UK has been busy designing & building a CCTV monitoring centre to watch over your property when you can't...

•  24/7 Alert Based Monitoring in our state of the art Ultra-Secure CCTV Control Room.

• SIA Licensed CCTV Operators 

• SIA Licensed Patrols & Response Team 
• Incident Recovery, Assistance & Support 
• Cloud based Artificial Intelligence (Sept 2021 )
• Response exclusive to FY1-FY8 to help combat crime

We go live in March 2020 and are now taking pre-bookings.


The fact of the matter is this, plenty of people now own some form of CCTV system, but most don't know a crime has occurred until hours later. Here we have a solution and hope to provide not only peace of mind to you, but a deterrent to any criminal lurking the streets that they are being watched. 


Get involved here: https://bit.ly/347Gsjd

Want to join our BETA testing program? Sign up here: https://forms.gle/bvokajaY37AmHzPk6

Places are limited to 200 connections in the BETA program so please provide as much detail as possible!!

Thank you

Kevin Hamilton