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Our community CCTV systems are designed to help protect your neighbourhood against ASB, theft, burglary and general crime. 

Main roads and town centres are usually covered with outdated Pan Tilt and Zoom Cameras provided and operated by your local council. These systems are monitored in a control room, some councils employ operators to view these cameras 24/7, limited hours or not at all. These cameras do not provide any coverage for our communities or neighbourhoods.

Crime is now rife almost every single night on normal residential streets everywhere, we're certain, if you are reading this then you will know someone that has been a victim of crime or have been a victim yourself. 

If a council was to provide CCTV systems for every single street, this would come at an unbelievable cost. A cost unsustainable which will ultimately come out of our pockets. 

We have our very own state of the art CCTV monitoring centre with manned response in development due to go live in March. Providing a 24/7 service we will strive to make your neighbourhood a safe and secure environment keeping it free from crime. This will be a fully licensed and regulated service to ensure we provide the best deterrent and protection possible.

We understand that not everyone can afford a high quality CCTV system on their own but we believe everybody has the right to protect their property and neighbourhood from crime. This is why we have put together a community CCTV scheme whereby you can take at look at our options, discuss further with your neighbours, initiate a purchase and share the transaction splitting the cost between you all. 

The process is simple and each transaction will require an initiator. The initiator will input their interested neighbours email addresses at checkout after selecting split payment, each of you will receive a prompt for payment, once all payments have been submitted we can book your installation date into our diary. 

To make this work we need to install the system on a nominated persons home, utilising their 230v power & broadband connection. This may be the initiator or it may be positioned on the neighbours home with the best vantage point. Each of you will have access to live view and playback the CCTV at anytime via your smartphone and will all be nominated data controllers for your shared system. To safeguard against any misuse your access to the system will be logged should any dispute arise.

To ensure DPA/GDPR compliance CCTV signage will be provided for each installation which is a minimum requirement, you will be solely responsible to ensure the data collected is used is a responsible manner.

We take privacy seriously, neighbours homes will have their windows covered with a programmed privacy mask and under no circumstances should the system be used to spy on neighbours for example.

All community CCTV systems include 12 months surveillance monitoring & response to your neighbourhood. 

More community services will be added soon. 

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