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Collection: Kick Out Crime - CCTV Package

*****BRAND NEW*****

Introducing our best offer yet, designed to work in conjunction with our Monitoring & Response service coming VERY soon!! 

A single camera, cost effective solution, packed full of features to help you in these uncertain times. Whatever your views are of the current coronavirus situation, I'm with you 100%, to be honest... no matter which way you look at it, its not good. People are getting desperate, and the outlook is that its only going to get worse. As humans, our instinct is to survive, people will always do what it takes to survive and if that means stealing from others then its going to happen. Hamisec UK wants to help sustain normality, prevent crime being committed to your property because we know it's morally & ethically wrong. Theft is not justifiable, there is always another way to survive therefore, it needs to be prevented, deterred and stopped.  

Our single camera solution with a price tag which directly competes against the likes of Ring gives you so much more!! - literally, a lot more!!! To be honest, we are just about covering costs with this package so please just bare that in mind... 

With this package we not only provide you with full supply, installation, commissioning, demonstrations & support... you will also be added to our BETA testing monitoring service with 30 days free service when we go fully live.  

Why choose Hamisec UK? We are fully accredited by the SSAIB for the sale, supply & installation of CCTV systems, soon we will be registered with the SIA for Public space CCTV surveillance & manned services. We are committed to providing a super high end service to our local town and surrounding areas, we are frustrated with the rates of crime and disruptions to livelihoods crime causes... with a huge investment to this cause, we are ready to kick some ass, and kick out crime. Our service is truly bespoke, never been done before, one of a kind...

For our service to function well, we need strength in numbers, we want to know exactly when a crime is being committed on your property, monitor suspicious activity, get our guys on route and get the local police involved. We will use all connected systems to track a suspect. Collate and gather evidence in real time, and all being well, bring that person to justice! We'll even attend court on your behalf and provide full assistance in bringing the matter to a close.

For over two years, we see all over social media that local people need a solution in our local town for crime, we have built that solution and we know full well that it works, with numerous successful proofs of concept, we can't wait to get going. We bridge the gap between something happening, and somebody knowing about it. 

As always, we bring you the latest digital IP technology, and this new product line is pretty damn sweet! A camera packed full of Artificial Intelligence to provide reliable and accurate human detection alerts, it has a built in microphone so we can hear what's going on, a speaker and strobe to warn off intruders and not to mention, a phenomenal image, both day & night!

Here's a list of what the camera is capable of and what we will provide:
  • Choose 4MP/8MP high resolution
  • 2.8mm fixed lens (a wide angle view like you've never seen before)
  • Powered by Darkfighter for Ultra Low Light
  • 3 axis mount
  • Up to 30m IR distance
  • H.265+ compression
  • 4 analytics
  • Face Capture
  • Smart motion detection
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • 120dB wide dynamic range
  • Supports on board storage (up to 256GB)
  • Built-in microphone for real-time audio security
  • Built-in speaker
  • Active strobe light and audio alarm to warn intruders off
  • 12V DC & PoE (802.3af)
  • Supplied with MicroSD card to record event clips 
  • Full remote access (Live view/playback events/export etc)
  • Cloud real-time Recording available upon request 
  • Exclusive to Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Only
  • 3 year Camera warranty (excluding re-visits due to network/broadband issues)
  • 12 month warranty on SD card/POE injector/Ancillaries

We are taking bookings for November & December and have the work force ready and waiting, the time to take action is now, we have all the systems & processes in place to make it happen. As always, we play fair - first come first served. 

We have a range of payment options found at checkout, all bookings must be taken through this page to keep on top of admin & orders, if you need more than one camera then please check out our entry level, mid-range & high end systems, please feel free to contact if you need advice. We also offer Alarm Receiving Centre monitored intruder alarms with police response, contact us for a survey & quotation.

Due to the extremely low cost and maximum value this package brings, no discount codes will be valid but please feel free to use code HAMISEC10 on all other systems for 10% discount.

We can't wait to get you on board, don't leave it until its too late, stop crime before it stops you - join us today and lets kick out crime together.

To arrange finance or instalments then simply get in touch.

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