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Intercoms & Access Control

Access Control Stand Alone 

Hamisec provides solutions for single door applications. Stand Alone access doors usually comprise of either a pincode keypad, proximity tag reader or keycard swipe. In addition, the door will usually have an electronic lock, push to exit button and emergency break glass over-ride and in some cases a fire alarm interface to release the lock in the event of a fire alarm activation. Stand alone access doors provide a cost effect solution to allow access of authorised personnel in a small business premises. This system is usually programmed by the installer and you will be provided with the access pin code of your choosing or a requested amount of proximity tags/swipe cards. There is no way on these systems to see which user accessed the door on time/date, and lacks the ability to suspend access outside of working hours. If a tag/swipe card is lost, its very own shadow tag/card will need to be presented to the device to delete from the system.

Access Control Networked 

Hamisec UK provides solutions for multiple door applications. Networked access systems will comprise of all the same features as a stand alone door however with the addition each door is interlinked or networked over the Local Area Network. An administrative PC with installed software to control the full system will be installed, allowing the operator to view reports of users coming & going with times/dates. Control access of permitted users at certain times of the day for example only working hours. Easily provide temporary tags/cards for visitors or bar/delete users from the system. Networked access control systems are used for a wide variety of other applications best suited on a large premises with many users/visitors.

Intercom Systems Stand Alone 

A stand alone intercom system is usually for a single door application mounted on the exterior or un-secure side connected with usually one or two connected handsets located within the property. When a visitor presses the call button from the external intercom unit an audio/video call will be made to the handset inside. The operator can carry out a two way conversation and release the door should they authorise access. A stand alone intercom door will usually work in conjunction with an access control door wether standalone or networked.

Intercom Systems for Large Buildings

Hamisec has an in depth knowledge & experience of large scale intercom systems for example within apartment blocks. We can install, takeover or maintain existing systems to ensure the system operates smoothly. These type of systems will usually comprise of one or multiple points of entry, all of which can call an apartment or room within the building utilising audio/video. The operator can in turn view and unlock each door independently. These types of systems will also usually integrate with stand alone or networked access control systems.