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CCTV Monitoring & Response
CCTV Monitoring & Response
CCTV Monitoring & Response
CCTV Monitoring & Response

CCTV Monitoring & Response

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Hamisec UK is pleased to announce our CCTV control room is now complete and we are processing SIA applications before going live. 

Do you own a CCTV system? The only way to cut the current crime rates is by rapid reactions and response... we watch, react & respond so you don't have to...

Using cutting edge technology, we have the facility to connect any CCTV system* to our monitoring centre. Using the latest in Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision, we can provide a service like no other. 

It is a proven fact, that a community CCTV system will indeed reduce crime. Similar schemes have been implemented across America and if done correctly can be a huge success. Its not just about evidence, it's about reaction and physical intervention by catching these criminals in the act, to have our own SIA approved intervention team who will liaise with the Police at all stages. It's not about taking over the job of the Police, we would never, ever have the resources or capabilities of the Police, it's about supporting & providing intelligence every step of the way.

The more high quality evidence we can get on a subject by having higher quality camera systems in place the chances are we can together reduce crime in our local areas. If we can stack the charges up against someone, the better chance the CPS has of applying a suitable conviction. 

Our very own monitoring centre where we can connect CCTV cameras to one secure location operated by SIA CCTV Licensed Operators is nearing completion. A place where we can watch over our clients property & receive reliable alerts while you are unaware. 

The fact of the matter is this, plenty of people now own some form of CCTV system, but most don't know a crime has occurred until hours later. Here we have a solution  to provide not only peace of mind to you, but a deterrent to any criminal lurking the streets that they are being watched. We bridge the gap between something happening, and somebody knowing about it. 

We are now accepting sign ups for testing purposes, you will get access to your own app to receive AI reliable alerts. The testing duration until we go fully live will be added on to the end of your monitoring contract.  


*CCTV Systems must be ONVIF/RTSP Compatible