Community PTZ CCTV Installation with audio/visual alarm and speaker
Community PTZ CCTV Installation with audio/visual alarm and speaker

Community PTZ CCTV Installation with audio/visual alarm and speaker

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Protect your neighbourhood with our Pan Tilt & Zoom solution and split the cost between you. 

Featuring Deep-Learning Auto Tracking, White Light Illumination (30 meters), infrared (150 meters), strobe/audible alarm and speaker output for remote commands ("oi get away from that vehicle!"). 

This package is designed for you and your neighbours to all chip in and share the cost, forget about low quality cameras this 32X Optical PTZ Camera will guarantee to provide exceptional close up images and autonomously track a target as they walk up your street. 

Providing reliable Artificial Intelligence based alerts to yourself, neighbours and us that someone is lurking around your property we can finally start taking action against crime. Having the ability to generate an alarm or tell someone to disperse could just be the difference between you becoming a victim or getting a good night sleep. 

What's Included? 

• AcuSense PTZ 2MP 32X with audible/visual alarm

• Automatic Patrol & Auto Tracking 

• Corner/Wall Mount Brackets 

• 230/24v PSU & Mains Supply 

• GDPR Compliant CCTV Signage 

• Network Video Recorder 1TB (30 days recording)

• Full expert installation & configuration

• Privacy Masking 

• Remote access on iOS/Android 

• Demonstrations for all interested parties 

• 3 year all inclusive parts/hardware warranty 

12 months monitoring & response 

What do you need to do? 

Before purchasing this solution, you MUST speak with your neighbours. Discuss the options, the pros and the cons. Talk about how the system will be used, write down the good points and the bad. By doing this you are ascertaining that this is the right solution for you all. The camera will be best sited on a corner property (two storey) to get maximum exposure in most cases up and down 4 streets. Just remember, if you zoom too far, the camera might miss something important on another street/area while it automatically patrols. We recommend keeping this to between 10-15 properties total to get the maximum benefit however this really could vary dependant on your specific layout. The more neighbours chipping in, the less it will be for you all. Note, if you can see the camera, then it's likely the camera can see you.

If you are unsure simply contact us with your address and we will advise on the best placement.  

What do WE need from YOU? 

1) First and foremost, payment. When the initiator begins the process by adding this system to the cart, selects split payments and follows the prompts, you all have 14 days to make your payments in full. Neighbours can contact us privately if they would like to arrange finance and spread the cost. 

The longer full payment is delayed, the longer you will all wait for installation it's that simple. If one or some neighbours drop out by non-payment the price will either be renegotiated between your party or a lower specification system will be provided. (This may not include a PTZ camera).

Cancellations within 14 days are fully refundable. 

Cancellations after 14 days are non refundable however anything you have paid can go towards one of our other systems within a 12 month period. 

Please note, the maximum amount of people that the purchase can be shared with on our website is 10. For more people sharing the purchase you may be required to collect payment on their behalf, alternatively please contact us to split up the payments and invoice directly allowing you to pay by debit/credit card, bank transfer or finance. 

2) The nominated home in which the system is installed upon will need to ensure their broadband connection is kept live at all times and report any outages ASAP. We will also require a 230V mains supply, turned on at all times. As the nominated home will be using their electricity/broadband to share the system, it could be agreed upon you all that they pay a smaller percentage than the others. That's up to you. 

3) Agreements, upon a successful order you will all receive a document which will need to be signed. This will cover privacy, data protection, forms of misuse, your obligations, our obligations. Mostly boring stuff, but important nonetheless. 

We understand this solution might not be for everybody which will have it's downsides. Ideally the camera would be installed to a property which is owned and lived in by the owner. Please ensure you have permission from your landlord if you rent your property. If you decide to sell your home or move, you would need to discuss this with your neighbours. We can relocate the camera to another neighbours property for a small fee (approx £150+vat) if needs be. Ideally, the new owners or tenants would take over the system, your financial share could either be passed on or sold. Everyone is different therefore, it's up to you all to decide when you have your initial discussion. We're just here to provide a solution. 

Want to know more? Please get in touch.